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JPT-X machine

Supply Ability:100 set(s) per Week
Payment:PayPal,VISA,MasterCard,Western Union,T/T,Other
Place of orign:Japan

continuous inkjet printer for beverage production line
continuous inkjet printer with conveyor for food medicine products
continuous inkjet printer for vertical packing machine


Extremely versatile and robust JPT-X industrial inkjet designed to provide superior quality coding at various production environments on wide range of substrates & applications. Flexible code design, including the ability to mark serial numbers, batch codes, expiry dates, logo, barcode and 2D code on various uneven and flexible surfaces of substrates.

※Main Feature: 

1. Applied Pending Retractable Gutter Sealer technology, reducing operation cost and virtually maintenance free;

2. Automatic Interval Setting can prevent dry ink clogging around the nozzle area.

3. Utilized the gutter tube sealing onto the nozzle by slider during non-operation, this reduces the risk of nozzle clogging due to internal ink dry problem, achieve non cleaning.

Easy Operation Assured:

Features a 5.7-inch full color panel with well thought-out usability and visibility.

Prevents incorrect inserting of ink or solvent:

Uses a cartridge system to prevent incorrectly inserting ink and solvent.

※High-quality printing realized:

High-quality printing with a fluorine nozzle that prevents the nozzle from becoming dirty.


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