Anser U2 Mobile Handheld Carton Inkjet Printer

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For U2 carton inkjet printer, they are two models: 


The left one is U2 Handheld Model, also called mobile model;  The right one is U2 Online model installed with production line or conveyor.

This is a portable, ultra compact and light hand held ink jet maker equipped with an electromagnetic valve-based print head, a battery and wireless control. This unique hand held ink jet marker weighing only 2.21 lbs has been developed for the users who use the freedom of marking, coding and labeling of their products at any place and at any time as the major criterion of choice. This hand held printer is also for the users who show a high demand for cost effectiveness and operating efficiency and as the same time very excessive demand for extended utility functions. It also can be called hand held printer,hand held ink jet marker,small portable ink jet printers,hand held ink jet marking systems,jet ink printer,ink jet industrial printers,portable ink jet coder.


The computer U2 ink jet printer can print date and time, bar code, logo, 2D code and other information on paper carton or wood material, widely used for food, medicine, chemical, beverage, cosmetics, electronics components and building materials industries, is the best choice of a mass production line.



1. The world’s lightest mobile printer, weighting only 1kg (2.21lb).

2. 4-in-1 sandwich design, integrating with screen, controller, print head and ink cartridge.

3. Ultra portable, capable of printing anywhere, at any angle, without ink leakage.

4. Ability to work alone and need not connect to computer.

U2 nozzle and U2 inkjet printer configuration


Large 2.8-inch color LCD screen (LED backlight)

LED indicator

5 LED: alarm, low ink, print run, remote ON / OFF

Manipulation Language

Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

Action Menu

Digital Selection menu, simple operation

Input Devices

Pocket IR remote control

Plug and Play cartridge

The latest printing technology with HP

Print content

Letters, numbers, graphics, date / time, period, class, ordinary counter, box / pallet counter, one-dimensional bar code

Printing lines

One Line, two lines, three lines, four lines. All character height shall not exceed 12.7mm.

Font height

Print height: 2.7mm, 3.6mm, 5.5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.7mm

Printing speed

300 DPI in the horizontal condition, up to 76m/min

Data storage capacity

2G SD card can store up to 999 document (s)


AC 100 V - 240V, 50/60 Hz, 1.6 A, maximum power: 60W


114 x 76 x 60 (L x W x H: mm)


0.49 Kg [does not contain cartridges and brackets]


* The most compact 4-in-1 design [controller, screen, cartridges and heads into one]
* Fully independent operation (without a computer connection)
* Auxiliary I / O ports: external synchronizer, electric eye and tri-color LED module
* Built-in SD memory card, mass storage, backup, printing materials, software upgrades can be easily
* Anti-collision mechanism design
* Built-in electric eye
* Standby dual nozzle design (DSND)
* Unique hot plug cartridge technology
* System Log Report
* Multiple password-protected
* System Backup and Restore
* Daylight saving time function

Installation and erection u2 Stenciling


Standard 42cc side spray and spray down bracket

Best Printing distance

Nozzle and the object being sprayed less than 6mm

U2 inkjet printer ink systems

Ink and color capacity

42cc: black, red, blue, green and yellow

Ink types

Provide a variety of absorbent, semi-absorbent, non-absorbent ink: to accommodate a variety of different printing material

Option Kit u2 Stenciling

External Synchronization Kit

The conveyor speed is unstable, it can ensure high print quality

External electric eye kit

Provide an external electric eye signals

External three-color warning light

An external three-color warning light

Environmental u2 Stenciling

Working conditions

Any normal, non-condensing or harsh environments, the temperature range of 5 °C-40 °C(41 °F-104 °F)

Maintenance u2 Stenciling

Warranty Period

12 months

Anser U2 Industrial Handheld Inkjet Date Batch Code Label Printer


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