NY-818 Pneumatic Ribbon Coder for Flow Packing Machine

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NY-818 Hot Stamping Date Coder For HFFS packing machine


NY-818 Pneumatic Date Expiry Number Code Machine for Horizontal Packing Machine


. Applications:

It is suitable for automatic horizontal continuous packing machines, with wide application in medicine, food, and daily chemicals industry.


Ⅱ. Features:

1. Use digital temperature control, parameter adjustments convenient, accurate temperature control.

2. Driven by compressed air and adopts famous pneumatic components and cylinder, the quality are stable and reliable.

3. The print speed synchronous with packing machine, with correct and adjustable printing position.


Ⅲ. Technology Data:

DriverCompressed Air
Print speed0-200 Times/min
Font size2mm*4mm*15mm (can be customized)
Dimension (L*W*H)480mm*300mm*350mm
Remarks: Other specification can be customized.

Series Models For Horizontal Packing Machine:

All are applicable to horizontal and vertical continuous packing machines such as vertical continuous granule packing machines, flow biscuit packing machine and wet-paper packing machines etc to do flow continuous coding.

1. NY-805 friction coder get working signal through electric magnet movement. After using for one or two years, the electric magnet will be perished and should change.

2. In comparing with NY-805, our NY-808A adopt stepper motor as driver, it is steadier in quality and has longer usage life reaching 8 years even more. This model sells best and gets good feedback from domestic and abroad market.

3. NY-818 is pneumatic system date coder and use hot stamping ribbon instead of ink roll, it is more clear print result, print head is intermittent working, but we specially design such print rolls and structures as buffer mechanism for continuous packing machine requirement.

Similar Machine Heads with Same Function:

NY-803A, NY-803B, NY-803 and NY-818, All of them are applicable to intermittent packing machines or low speed horizontal packing machine such as granule packing machines, VFFS packing machine, liquid packing machine, paper handkerchief packing machines, bag feeding machine and labeling machine, etc. And the coding speed is synchronized with packing machine through air source controlled by electromagnetic valve.

1. All of them use compressed air and adopt cylinder, unless appearance difference, in fact any model machine head can be replaced by other models.

2. NY-803A use long round cylinder, the other models’ structure seems more compact and more attractive using square cylinder;

3. NY-803B bracket is friendly designed for puffed food big pouch packing machine such as potato chips, popcorn, biscuit etc. Surely, you also can choose NY-803A bracket.

4. NY-803 adopts solenoid valves, the speed is faster than other models. It is one printer head without bracket, often match with label applicator, If you need bracket, not matter for VFFS, HFFS, Labeler, we can design based on picture,  installation space or drawing you supply.

5. NY-818 bracket is designed for HFFS application. In market, most of packing machines adopt ink roll coding machine considering speed and consumable cost. Now NY-818 stamping ribbon model as option, more clear print result than ink roll model such as NY-805, NY-815, NY-808A; This kind bracket with special print rolls and structures as buffer mechanism to meet with continuous packing machine requirement.


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