NY-826 Paging System for Vision Camera,Inkjet Printer, Laser Machine with Suction Type Conveyor

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NY-826 Automatic High Efficiency Paging Machine for Vision Camera or Inkjet Printer, Laser Machine

This is not standard machine, we customize them according to clients' different requirement, so price exists big difference based on different configurations. 

Ⅰ. Applications:

Our NY-826 paging machine using the most advanced paging technology,automatically separate/split stacks of pouches and feed single piece onto the conveyor belt so as to facilitate ink-jet printer or laser coding machine to spray batch number, logo, exp date, mfg date, etc on labels, pouch, cards,plastic bags, sheet paper or other flat objects. Mainly applied in separating paper sheets, name cards, labels, cards of various materials(such as telephone cards, IC cards, IP cards, re-paid cards),compound plastic packaging bags, carton sheets, paper bags and like these sheets in all kinds of thickness and material.

Ⅱ. Features:

1. It can make automatic count, or you can set automatic stop function in certain paging number (the range: 1-9999), which can reduce the rate of rework.

2. Adopting high precision transverter can make paging 60-500 pcs/min, improving the work efficient substantially.


Ⅲ. Technology Data:

Power Supply220V  50Hz
Paging Speed60-500 pieces/minute
Paged Material SizeWidth: 60mm-300mm(Adjustable)
Length: 50mm-320mm(Adjustable)
Thickness: 0.8 mm-5 mm(Adjustable)

What NY-826 Is Used For?

This is a feeder and dispenser system which feeds labels, pouch, cards, plastic bags, sheet paper or other flat objects at high speed on the conveyor. It automatically separate/split/divide stacks of pouches into single piece and deliver to the conveyor belt so as to facilitate ink-jet printer, laser coding machine to spray batch number, logo, anti-fake mark, pattern, QR, and barcode on packages. It also is good auxiliary equipment.

How Does NY-826 Work? 

Using the most advanced paging technology,bunch or stack of products are placed in the feeding tray in this machine and get fed by a rotating friction wheel, the bottom bag will get fed first. The fed bag then moved forward by chains & rubber belt from one side to the other end side.


What Features You Can't Ignore? 

1. Multipurpose machine which can be matched with inkjet printer, laser coding machine, labeling machine or vision camera system.

2. Reduce the trifles and of manual paging and feeding, make full use of the advantages of accuracy and high-speed spray printing and sticker labeling. 

3. Can be equipped with the function of intelligent counting and automatic stop to facilitate production management.

4. Reasonable structural design can be easier to replace damageable parts.

Can It Work For Our Products, Yes Or Not?

Technical parameters                                               

Power SupplyAC220V±10%, 50Hz (Can be customized 110V/60Hz)



Divided DimensionLength:40-320mm;

                                    Width: 60-300mm (Can be customized);

                                    Depth: 0.8-5mm (Adjustable, depend on material);

Overall Dimension: 1460×490×900mm

Plywood Carton Packing Dimension: 1530×560×460mm



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