NY-861 Bottle Unscrambler/ Bottle Turning Table

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NY-861 automatic bottle-standing machine/unscramble machine/arrange machine
A Bottle Unscrambler is an automatic, variable speed packaging equipment that receives empty bottles in bulk, then orients, processes, and positions them onto a moving conveyor for further downstream processing. The Rotary glass pet bottle feeder machine & glass pet bottle unscrambler is used to unscrambling disorder standing glass pet bottles and make the bottle in order to the filling production line. Also can be customized and operate at high speeds for plastic and glass bottles that are symmetrical or asymmetrical in shape, the unscrambler incorporates servo motor controls for faster, more precise operations.
☆Applicable bottle diameter:30~60mm;
☆production capacity: 1500~2000 bottles/hour;
☆Conveyor height: 900+50mm(can be custom-made according to clients’requirement);
☆Power supply: 220V/50Hz;
☆Air supply: 0.5~0.8Mpa;
☆Power: 500W;
☆Weight: 85KG;
☆Machine size (LxWxH): 1000mmx800mmx1200mm
1. It is suitable for round glass or plastic bottles automatic transmission, can be connected tolabeling machine, filling machine and capping machine etc production line to finish automatic feeding, improving efficiency;
2. Can be applied to the intermediate connection of the assembly line, as a buffer platform, the length of the conveyor belt can be shortened;
3. The applicable bottle range can be adjusted freely. The conveying speed is 30~200 bottles/min. The speed can be adjusted steplessly to facilitate production arrangement.
4. Putting on, collecting and sorting products, reducing labor intensity and improving efficiency.
5. The structure is relatively simple, stable and reliable.Mainly used for the pharmaceutical industry, health care products
industry, food industry and related industries.
6. Made of the 304 stainless steel, this equipment is made accord with GMP requirements.
Machine Details:
Baffle and Unscramble Mechanism
Make changes based on different bottles size; Ensure all various of bottles and cans be transported smoothly.
  • Speed controller & Switch

The speed of bottle rotary unscrambel tray is adjustable through the speed controller.
One button to operate, easy and simple;
Famous brand and less noise to ensure stable and durable running.
  • Bottle outlet with Labeling Machine

Bottle outlet, directly interface with other
machine with adjustable bottle outlet to constitute the packaging production line.
Application for production line:
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