JPT-X continuous ink jet date printer
$ 5000.00 ~ $ 6000.00/set
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Why use CIJ?

Over the last 30 years continuous inkjet technology has become the standard solution in more than 90% of coding application. It is chosen because it is simple to install and extremely versatile being able to print on virtually any surface. Our printers are recognized as the benchmark that all others are measured against due to high reliability and ease of use.

How does CIJ work ?

INKJET PRINTER print head contains an ink drop-generator with a vibrating drive rod.

This creates ultrasonic pressure waves in the inkjet ink, breaking it up into individual droplets. When these droplets fall between a set of electrodes, individual droplets are intermittently charged. The size of the charge given to each droplet determines how far it will be deflected out of the stream when passing through the deflector plates. This determines its placement on the product.

By placing a collection of these droplets close together, a variety of characters are printed as the product passes the print head. Ink droplets not deflected out of the stream are re-circulated to repeat the process. This is a highly efficient use of ink jet ink allowing many millions of characters to be printed from a liter of ink.

JPT-X Continuous Ink jet Printer


Extremely versatile and robust JPT-X industrial inkjet designed to provide superior quality coding at various production environments on wide range of substrates & applications. Flexible code design, including the ability to mark serial numbers, batch codes, expiry dates, logo, barcode and 2D code on various uneven and flexible surfaces of substrates.

※Main Feature: 

1. Applied Pending Retractable Gutter Sealer technology, reducing operation cost and virtually maintenance free;

2. Automatic Interval Setting can prevent dry ink clogging around the nozzle area.

3. Utilized the gutter tube sealing onto the nozzle by slider during non-operation, this reduces the risk of nozzle clogging due to internal ink dry problem, achieve non cleaning.

Easy Operation Assured:

Features a 5.7-inch full color panel with well thought-out usability and visibility.

Prevents incorrect inserting of ink or solvent:

Uses a cartridge system to prevent incorrectly inserting ink and solvent.

※High-quality printing realized:

High-quality printing with a fluorine nozzle that prevents the nozzle from becoming dirty.

※Technology Data:

Print method

Continuous system (charged control)

Operation screen

5.7" color LCD/ touch panel

Print height


Maximum printing speed

2660 characters/second( For details, refer to "Imk compatibility table")   (5×5 dot font with spacing of 1)

Number of printing lines and number of dots(Vertical×horizontal)

1 to 5 lines5×5 ;【1 to 4 lines】:5×55×N ;【1 to 3 lines】:7×87×57×N ;【1 to 2 lines】:12×1010×89×99×7 ;【1 line】:24×2424×1816×1616×12

Number of messages to register

Maxinum 999 messages

Character types

alphabetical characters(upper case/lower case), numerical characters, symbols, Japanese hiragana, katakana and kanji of JIS class 1 & 2, Simplified Chinese characters(GB2312), user defined characters

Date & Time (expiration date) Print Function

Christian calendar year, traditional japanese calendar year, year/month/date, day of week, time(12/24 hour format), julian date, serial week number in a year, early/middle/late part of month(variable period setting), AM/PM, shift code, character assignment function(to assign year/month/date/hour/minute/second/day of week to other character of 4 to 15 digits))

Numbering function

Upto 10 digits, setting given initialized value, to run up or down, carry of digit (to set a count by using number of substratres between 1 to 9999),zero supressions function(to replace zero of the upper digit with space or to eliminate it),a function to assign the character for numbering(to assign to the character other than numerical character), base setting(binary number to base 36 number),separable(inserting given character between numerical characters)

Distance printing function

up to 10 digits, separable(inserting given character between numerical characters)

Barcode printing function

ITF, NW7JAN, Code39, Code128

2D code printing function

DataMatrix, QRcode

Connection with external devices

signal lamp, RS-232C, encoder, USB flash drive, UPS

Data entry

touch panel, RS-232C communications

Dimension (width x depth x height)

Main body: 400W×280D×532H(excluding protruding objects)                                      Printhead: Φ49.2mm×197mm

Operating environment

Temperature: 0- 40(for details, refer to "ink compatibility table");Humidity: 10 -85 RH( non-condensing )

Power source

AC90-264V; 47-63Hz;  80W




Class D