NY-822A Automatic Round Bottle Rolling Labeling Machine

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Product Description
NY-822A Vertical Round Bottle Rolling Type Labeling Machine
Ⅰ. Application:
NY-822A Vertical Round Bottle Rolling Labeling Machine to label on the circumference of surface or other curved surface for food glass pet plastic round bottles, jars, cans, tins etc. Widely used for Food, Beverage, Medical, Cosmetics, Chemical, Electronic and other industries. It has optional date coding device, realize date coding on stickers.

Ⅱ. Features You Can Not Ignor:
1. It can label for any products with round body shape. More flexible arrangement for manufacturing schedule.
2. The labeling head convenient to adjust, the labeling speed is automatically synchronous with the conveyor belt speed to ensure precise labeling.
3. The speed of conveyor line, the speed of pressure belt and the speed of label output can be set and changed by the PLC human interface.
4. Use famous brand PLC, stepping or servo motor, driver, sensor, etc, good quality components' configuration.
Ⅲ. Other Corollary Equipment Introduction:
1. Different labeling solutions for flat surface, round labeling, taper wraping labeling can be supplied. One product can accomplish one sticker, two stickers or more stickers labeling, also can one sticker to finish one side, two sides, three sides or more sides labeling.
2. We can supply you the optional bottle unscrambler turning table, which can be connected directly before the labeling machine, the operators can put the bottles on the rotary table, then the rotary table will send the bottles to the labeling machine to the labeling machine automatically.
3. It also can match with weight checker, metal detector, bottle filling machine, capping machine, can seaming machine, cover impressing machine, induction sealing machine, inkjet /laser / TTO printer etc.
Ⅳ. Technology Data:
Labeling Precision
±1mm (excluding product and label error);
Power Supply
AC220V    50/60Hz    700W
Conveyor Speed
5~25 meters/minute;
Labeling Speed
10~35pcs/min(Related to product, label size);
Sticker Out-Come Speed
Stepping Motor: 5~19 meters/minute
Servo Motor: 5~25 meters/minute
Application Bottle Size
External diameter: Φ25-100mm;
Height: 25mm~300mm;
Applicable label size
Label Length: 20mm~290mm;
Label Width(body paper width): 20mm~120mm;  180mm (option)
Inner dia. of paper roll
External dia. of paper roll
Max. Φ300mm
Size (LXWXH)
Attention: Non-standard Labeling System
The price shown on website has no reference value. All final quotation based on your exact products details and requirements.
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