NY-835 Jar Top Surface and Round Body Two Sides Labeling Machine

$ 9000.00 ~ $ 11000.00/piece
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NY-835 Automatic Top Flat Surface labeling and Side Round Bottle Labeling Machine


For NY-835, We have three different models called NY-835A, NY-835B and NY-835C. They are difference in positioning function and bottle with taper or not; NY-835A only can label round products body side single sticker without positioning function; However, NY-835B model can work for round bottle with positioning function, single sticker or double stickers modes at option; And NY-835C same as NY-835B with positioning function, just NY-835C work for taper round bottle or jar.

NY-835 is designed based on NY-817 top surface labeling machine and NY-822A/B/C round bottle side labeling machine, always we suggest clients order two labeling machine separately with more flexible application, we can turn off the other system any time if not need. It can label products in various of requirements. 
A: Top surface labeling and square bottle side labeling; 
B: Top surface and round bottle side labeling; 
C: Round bottle one sticker labeling; 
D: Round bottle single or double sticker with positioning; 
E: Round bottle single or double sticker without positioning
F: Taper Round bottle single or double sticker labeling with positioning
That is to say, as professional and scale production factory, we not only have advantage in price but also own flexible design ability as requested.


NY-835 Full Automatic Top and Side Labeling Machine applies to regular rectangles, square objects such as box, bags, etc on the top and side labeling, high efficiency with two labeling head working at same time. 

It applies to labeling of various round body jar can and square bottles box that can stand up to realize top surface labeling and round side labeling. Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, electronic, metal, plastics and other industries.

We can supply you the optional operation table, date coding machine or inkjet printer, which can be connected directly with the labeling machine, It also can match with other metal detection, weight checker machine or carton sealing conveyor.


Technology Data:



Production capacity

10-35 pcs/min

Accuracy of labeling


Range of application products


height: 25-300mm

Range of application label

length: 20-320mm

width: 20-110mm

Diameter of paper roll

inner diameter Φ76mm

external diameter max.Φ280mm

Power supply

AC220V  50/60Hz  1.2KW

Machine size (L x W x H)





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